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Creating a ceremony for a significant life-changing event —a birth, an adoption, a marriage or a renewal of vows, a divorce, or a death—is an meaningful way to mark a rite of passage.

You probably know something about celebrant-led weddings and funerals, but there are many other ceremonies you may never have heard of. The fact is, there are no limits to what you can or cannot celebrate.

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Naming or Welcoming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an alternative to christenings or baptisms in church for people who want to celebrate a new-born or newly-adopted child within a community of family and friends, or who would like to mark a transition from one status to another – for example, when a foster-child is adopted, or when an adoptee officially adopts the family surname.

In our family visit, we will garner as much information as possible to convey emotion and significance to the ceremony.

You can involve as many people as you want: siblings, grandparents, mentors (‘godmother’ and ‘godfather’) or anyone else who wishes to play a role.

Readings, songs, gifts, vows from parents or mentors – everything will contribute to making the ceremony unforgettable.

We can also suggest a symbolic action or rite that represents the nurturing role of the new family unit. 

Coming of age or confirmation

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a challenging moment. In many northern European countries including Germany, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, coming of age or “confirmation” is a secular celebration to prepare youths for adulthood.

In the weeks leading up to their coming-of-age party, teenagers reflect on the kind of future they imagine for themselves and what kind of person they hope to become.

We can help you can tailor-make a coming-of-age ceremony of this kind, adapting it to the Italian context.

Celebrate your engagement

If you want to create a significant ceremony for your engagement, we can help make it extra special.  

The ceremony can be intimate, or involve relatives and friends in an official engagement party.

Renew your vows

Renewing the vows that you exchanged in the past can be a wonderful way to express appreciation for everything you have meant to each other as a couple over the years.

A vow-renewal ceremony may be intimate or it may involve your closest family and friends. You may want it to coincide with a significant anniversary you want to mark – you don’t have to wait 25 or 50 years for your silver or gold anniversary! – or you may simply want an excuse to treat yourselves and your children to a special trip to a spectacularly beautiful beach or historic city in Italy.

Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life together, or whether you are looking back over what you have built together as a couple, a vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful way to say “I choose you again” to that special person .

We  will help you find the right words, register and tone for your ceremony and will advise you as to how to give a role to the other significant people in your life..

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Italy has any number of beautiful landscapes or historical settings you can use as a backdrop for your elopement and this is why it is a prime destination for couples seeking an intimate wedding ceremony.

On your own, or with at most two witnesses, you can get married anywhere, anytime.

All you need is yourselves, your vows, your rings, a photographer, and a celebrant, who will gather information from you a few months before the planned elopement and craft a bespoke, romantic ceremony for you and with you.

Celebrating singlehood or solo living

There are moments in one’s life when it feels right to say “I love myself and I love my single life.” 

There may be any number of reasons for deciding to publicly celebrate being single rather than being “pitied” by family and friends for choosing to live alone.

You can choose to have a very intimate ceremony or to share it with the people you feel closest to. We will work with you to ensure that every word and every symbolic action represents you, your views and your beliefs.  

Divorce Ceremonies

Why hold a divorce ceremony, you may well ask?

The answer is that divorce ceremonies are primarily intended for children, extended family, and friends.

Partners who have chosen to take different paths in life can use the ceremony to reassure their children that, despite the separation, they will still be loved and nurtured by both parents.At a time of crisis such as divorce, being honest with one’s feelings can help everyone to accept this change in the family. Allowing the words to be spoken out in the open is a way to start the healing process.

Grandparents and other significant friends can also be called in to take part, offering their support, recognition and acceptance.

We listen carefully to both sides and respectfully give voice to the feeling you would like to convey in the ceremony. 

Gender Transition Ceremonies

A gender transition ceremony offers you the opportunity— in a safe environment, with a celebrant guiding you all the way— either to declare your intention to start transitioning or to celebrate the achievement of a new gender identity.

Our training and experience equips us to listen sensitively and help you find the words to express the courage and determination it took you to undergo the journey, and your joy at finally feeling yourself.

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Healing Ceremonies

Successful surgery, the end of a long cycle of chemotherapy, waking up from a coma – these are all things worth celebrating. 

Thanking the people who stood by you could help you make a new start.

We will help you find the right words to convey your emotions in a meaningful ceremony. 

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We would love to know whether you have  participated in one of these ceremonies. Share a photo with us and tell us about your experience. 

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