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Rely on us trained professional celebrants to help you create a fitting ceremony whatever the circumstances. Anywhere in Italy, we will be there by your side

Celebrants craft and conduct unique ceremonies for the important milestones of life: ceremonies that are uniquely yours.

  • Would you like to celebrate a milestone in your life with an unforgettable ceremony?
  • Are you looking for a personalized ceremony to mark a special occasion?
  • Do you think your wedding should be about you and your relationship?
  • Do you see the funeral of a loved one as being a celebration of their life?

Would you like an upbeat naming ceremony to welcome a new member of your family?

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We come into contact with people’s lives in deeply intimate moments.

We draft and deliver ceremonies that reflect your values, beliefs and traditions with profound respect and empathy.

As professional celebrants, we are:

  • Cooperative and sensitive 
  • Reassuring and confident
  • Good listeners 
  • Inclusive, respectful and reserved
  • Technically proficient
  • Creative and original
  • Dependable and well-organised 
  • Well versed in the relevant laws and regulations

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On the big day, your celebrant will be there to ensure that everything goes to plan and officiate the ceremony, giving you the peace of mind to fully experience the emotional impact of the ceremony.

Our work starts long before the actual day of your ceremony

Crafting a personalised ceremony that truly reflects who you are  takes time, great skill and, most importantly, good chemistry between you and your celebrant.

To craft your unique ceremony we need to get to know you. This is how we work:

  • We arrange a first meeting either in person or online
  • Through subsequent conversations or questionnaires, you tell us about your relationship and your life together so far, or give us as much information as possible about the life and achievements of a loved one who has died.
  • We contact those who you would like to play an active role in your ceremony and work alongside them to ensure their contributions are timely and appropriate.
  • On the basis of your ideas and suggestions, we start giving shape and meaning to your ceremony.
  • We write or help you write the core moments of your ceremony, such as your personal vows or the eulogy for a loved one.
  • We help you choose suitable readings, poems or quotes, symbolic rites, and music.
  • We write a first draft of the ceremony, which we send you for comments and suggestions. All subsequent drafts will be shared with you until the ceremony is exactly what you want it to be.
  • We contact all the other suppliers involved in the ceremony, such as funeral directors, wedding planners, florists, photographers, videographers, DJs and musicians.
  • We arrive at the ceremony venue well in advance to make sure everything is in place, warmly welcome your guests and await your arrival.
  • We conduct your ceremony in a professional and friendly manner

With a professional celebrant at the helm, your ceremony will be personalised, inclusive, respectful, emotional, moving, unforgettable, unique. Don’t settle for anything less

Professional celebrants create fitting ceremonies for any significant moment or change in your life

These are some of our more popular ceremonies:

  • Weddings
  • Civil unions and LGBTQIA+ Weddings
  • Elopements
  • Vow Renewals
  • Funerals
  • Memorial Services
  • Pet funeral
  • Naming or Welcoming ceremonies family
  • … and many more besides.

photo credit Todd Cravens

On this website you will find a host of suggestions and ideas: everything you need to know to create your unique ceremony.

Only trained, professional celebrants are listed in this directory.

if you have held a non-religious or non-traditional ceremony or been to one as a guest, we would love to hear what was special about it. Drop us a line or write a comment on our social media

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